About Us

Our DUI lawyers have worked alongside for years and represented many thousands of clients successfully facing DUI charges in California. We have years of legal experience in the DUI defense. When defending against DUI charges is considered, a few things are as imperative to the result as having an experienced and skilled lawyer fighting in your end.

Other than years of success and experience, we are DUI law specialists who are certified. This certification attests greatly to our huge team's commitment to brilliance in DUI defense. Our constant efforts to deliver highly positive solutions continue to impel our great success.


We are a big team of DUI lawyers who have been efficiently working together for years. We can rightfully call ourselves an expert in DUI law. Put our experience to work out for you!

We’ve Worked Together for Years

We’ve Represented Many Thousands of Clients

We’re Board Certified DUI Law Specialists

We Have Years of Combined Knowledge and Experience

Over half of our DUI cases are referred by our past clients, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and other lawyers to us. People select us to assist their friends and their loved ones as we deliver outstanding solutions consistently to all our clients. We highly value the trust and confidence of our clients — we know their success is also our success. So, we keep all our clients well informed all through the case and make it a point to always return phone calls within 24 hours promptly.