DUI Process

If you’re one of the people arrested for DUI, you’ll certainly need to learn about DUI procedure. 


For beginners, DDS will be notified the moment you’ve been arrested for this offense. Many administrative penalties move in effect instantly including 30 days or long license suspension that’s automatic. If you want to make appeal of this, you need to inform the DDS about it within 10 days from your arrest date.  

Be alert that even if you are lucky enough to hold your privilege to drive, after the criminal charge is reviewed, you’ll be facing numerous other penalties. Under mandatory sentencing guidelines, a DUI conviction even for the first time victims can lead to possible jail time, additional license suspensions and substantial fees. Certainly if at time of arrest you were caught up in a grave accident, or you have an earlier negative history in such matters, the results can be far crueler.

The bottom line here is that if you have to appear in the court to face any charges, you should have the best legal representation to handle things for you. Our Dui Lawyer is standing by always to help offer the direction and guidance you need in your difficult time.